GLW, as a company are very aware of the value of some of the components we use in our construction and how attractive they appear to potential thieves.

With modern technology in mind and keeping abreast with Anglian Water, Network Rail and the Post Office we are now offering our customers an additional service, we have taken out a two year contract with Smart Water Technology Ltd.

This will enable us to spray the product we are supplying with a unique forensic solution which is coded specifically to ourselves and can only be viewed with a UV lamp. Smart water is resistant to pressure washing cleaning agents salt mist, corrosion and temperature. Therefore if anything we have supplied is subsequently stolen the police forensics team will be able to identify it upon recovery and we can advise them of its rightful owners.

If this is a facility you would like to take advantage of, please advise us when you place your order.

To find out more about Smart Water please click here