GLW engineering are an approved supplier and installation partner for Ancon Windposts, providing effective structural support for large masonry panels and panels with openings.

What Are Windposts?

Some large or complex panels can be difficult to support structurally. Traditional solutions include increasing the thickness of the wall or introducing an additional column, but this is not possible for all projects. Wind posts are steel support structures that provide additional load bearing capacity without increasing the thickness of the wall.

Ancon Windposts

Ancon Windposts use an innovative channel section design that allows them to be installed within the wall cavity, leaving the block work undisturbed. Each windpost has end connections and ties, which fit into the vertical slots in the flanges of the channel section.
The wind posts can be fitted to span vertically between two floors and provide lateral support for brickwork panels.

Why Use Windposts?

Ancon Windposts offer several advantages for wall construction:

  • Increases load-bearing capacity without having to increase masonry thickness
  • Improves thermal insulation qualities of lightweight walls – increasing a building’s energy efficiency
  • Increases support for brickwork when exposed to strong winds and environmental pressures
  • Increases the strength of masonry without compromising fire safety, acoustic installation and permeability
  • Reduces dependence on reinforced concrete.

In addition, Ancon Windposts are far lighter than some alternative manufacturers, reducing turnaround time and make them easier to install on site.

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Ancon Windposts are among the best windposts on the market, engineered to BS/EN 1090-1 standards for steel and aluminium fabrications, and CE marked to demonstrate CPR compliance. To find out more about using windposts in your construction or renovation project, please call 01945 464637, or email today.

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